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Piper was born in Provo, Utah and raised in Cody, Wyoming. In high school she became keenly interested in politics and was thrilled for the opportunity to attend Girls State and Girls Nation. The highlight during her stay in Washington, D.C. for Girls Nation was meeting with her hometown political hero, Senator Al Simpson. She even got the chance to discuss immigration with him; one of his key focuses at the time (and this was way back in 1985). 

The day after graduating from high school, Piper moved to Provo to attend Brigham Young University. She met her sweetheart there, and they have made Utah their home ever since.

Along the way, Piper joined the U.S. Army Reserve to help offset some school costs and to experience a great adventure for a few years. Those few years of adventure turned into 20 years of invaluable life learning. She served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, starting as a legal specialist Private and eventually becoming a senior paralegal/court reporter Sergeant First Class before retiring. Piper's two decades in the military helped her learn the meaning of teamwork and also helped shape and educate her worldview. She got to work and train alongside other soldiers from vastly different backgrounds than her own, all while working toward a common goal. 

Piper is also the mother of three boys, which taught her all kinds of other things, especially patience and fixing broken furniture. She learned the importance of education in her children’s lives and took facilitating their learning very seriously. In the process, she experienced first-hand some of the unique educational challenges that Utah faces, such as large class sizes and teacher shortages.

Piper enjoyed her time with kids in the house. Now that her boys are grown, she looks forward to turning her focus to work as your representative for a United Utah and helping solve some of our most pressing issues.

Piper is running for the Utah State Legislature from District 71 here in beautiful Iron County. She is running with the United Utah Party, a moderate party focused on practical solutions based on common sense and common ground.

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Utah needs representatives who are courageous enough to support common-sense legislation that helps all Utahns. We need leaders who have the freedom to vote for what's best for the citizens of Utah and Iron County, and not just what's best for their party. We need Uniters, especially with the difficult issues we face right now. Abortion, gun responsibility, and other hot-button issues will never have black-and-white answers. They are steeped in nuance and require care, moderation, and most importantly, listening to each other. No side has the only right answers. Piper respects the nuance of these issues and is ready to do the work necessary to come together and find unifying solutions.

Whatever your political affiliation, elect Piper Manesse to represent YOU in the Utah Legislature.