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Education is an investment, and we need to take that investment more seriously. Utah is still toward the very last in the nation in per pupil spending. The Utah legislature hasn’t done enough to help increase teacher wages and decrease class sizes. We have to make hard choices right now as far as budget, but education funding shouldn't automatically be the first item on the chopping block.

Government Reform

I support efforts that increase transparency in government. Parties should not be able to legislate from behind closed caucus doors simply because they have a super majority. I support an independent redistricting commission that has actual authority, instead of the watered-down version we have now, so that we get to vote for our leaders instead of party leaders choosing that for us through unfair boundary creation. I also support requiring publicly-funded primaries to be open and not restricted to members of a party, allowing all of us an opportunity to take part in choosing our representatives.


I support reforms that extend healthcare to more people, reduce costs, and improve outcomes and the quality of care. I think we can and should do more to help those who are the most fragile among us through innovative solutions that don’t treat healthcare as a market commodity. We need solutions to the skyrocketing cost of life-supporting medications, so that we don’t force people to join online support groups to obtain medications like insulin.

Respect for Life

I uphold the sanctity of life, and support efforts to curb abortion. I believe those efforts should be focused on programs that offer solutions and real help to those with unwanted pregnancies, including allowing faith-based adoption and foster groups to join others in using federal funding for their programs, increasing opportunities for serving children and families. Let’s spend our resources on finding solutions rather than on endless and expensive litigation.

Environmental Stewardship

Our air quality is important. I support policies that recognize our stewardship for our natural resources and the impact we have on those resources. We need to take a long view when it comes to the environment, and balance that with good policy that doesn’t promote extreme environmental ideology.

Second Amendment

I support the right to possess firearms, and I support common-sense legislation to keep them out of the hands of those who can’t use them responsibly.

Campaign Finance Reform

I support campaign finance reform that puts the real power and influence back into the hands of constituents, where it belongs. With limits on donations, candidates must draw from a much broader base of interests and people, making it much easier to form and support sound policy that benefits more than a few industries willing and able to spend their way into legislative influence. As we change the way special interest groups can contribute to candidates and legislators, we all have more power to effect real change and to make a real difference.