Education is an investment, and the Utah Legislature needs to take that investment more seriously. Utah is still toward the very last in the nation in per pupil spending. The Utah Legislature hasn’t done enough to help increase teacher wages and decrease class sizes. With the Legislature's track record of consistently underfunding public education, we need to elect leaders who will give public education funding more than just lip service.

Local Control

The more local the government control, the better. Individual counties deserve the ability to govern themselves on local issues without interference from the Utah Legislature. Just as Federal Government overreach is wrong, so is State Government overreach. Iron County knows what's best for Iron County.

Roe v. Wade

I believe in the sanctity of life. I think everyone can agree that reducing the number of abortions is a worthy goal. I also believe that enacting extreme laws punishing women who are already in a difficult situation is not the answer. Instead, the question we should be asking is "Why would a pregnant woman feel that an abortion is her best, and possibly only, option?" Let's let women share their real experiences and then do something truly radical: listen. When we do that, we can understand those reasons and get to work in solving those issues. We need better access to healthcare, childcare, and contraception. Fathers need to be held accountable. Adoptions should be more affordable.

Environmental Stewardship

Our air quality is important. Our water resources have become a critical issue. I support policies that recognize our stewardship for our natural resources and the impact we have on those resources. We need to take a long view when it comes to the environment, and balance that with good policy that doesn’t promote extreme environmental ideology.

Government Reform

I support efforts that increase transparency in government. Transparency shouldn't be suppressed by further restricting members of the press. I support an independent redistricting commission that has actual authority, instead of the watered-down version we have now. We should get to vote for our leaders instead of party leaders choosing that for us through unfair boundary creation. I also support term limits so that leaders focus more on serving people than serving their party.

Second Amendment

I support the right to possess firearms. I also support common-sense legislation to keep them out of the hands of those who demonstrate that they can’t use them responsibly.