• Piper Manesse

Quick read: Campaign Finance

Did you know that in Utah, there is no limit on the amount special interest groups can contribute to a candidate? For example, legislators who are able to receive unlimited contributions from the real estate industry are also writing and voting on laws that directly affect that industry. Same with other industries like healthcare and insurance. This means that every dollar donated by these and other special interests is a way to influence the laws our legislators vote on, and the more dollars, the more influence. Do you ever wonder why the Utah State Legislature favors the real estate industry so much? Now you know.

Do you want your voice heard? Then you need a candidate who doesn't receive the bulk of their campaign contributions from special interest groups looking to control both the bills that are introduced as well as the legislative votes cast. You also need a candidate who supports limits on those contributions in order to level the playing field as far as influence.

I support campaign finance reform that puts the real power and influence back into the hands of constituents, where it belongs. With limits on donations, candidates must draw from a much broader base of interests and people, making it much easier to form and support sound policy that benefits more than a few industries willing and able to spend their way into legislative influence. As we change the way special interest groups can contribute to candidates and legislators, your individual voice has more power to effect real change and to make a real difference.

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