Election Integrity

The issue isn’t about safe and secure elections. There are many, many safeguards in place to ensure our elections in Utah are safe. Before we even see any election results, there have been audits performed both before and after voting. If a contest is close, there is a process of recount that’s available to candidates if they choose. At a certain point, though, and after all audits and rechecks are exhausted, the vote needs to be certified. Utah’s system of mail-in voting is one of the best in the nation. There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would affect the outcome of the past election, either in Utah or on the national level.

The issue lies with those who know this, but who seek to sow seeds of doubt with baseless accusations, innuendo, and outright deceit. Elected officials and candidates who use this to undermine our faith in elections is the issue, not the actual integrity of elections. This goes directly to the Army value of honor. It is dishonorable to cast aspersions on the election process by spreading lies or using whisper campaigns based on something an elected official may have heard on social media or other unreliable sources. Candidates should use every lawful redress available to them for close contests, and then honorably respect the voters’ wishes when those are exhausted.

I believe in our election system. I won't dishonor the voters in my district by casting doubt on the process without hard evidence to back it up.

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