Quick read: Tax Reform

Are they listening?

Changes in our federal tax structure changed taxes in Utah in significant ways. Our legislature waited too long to address the budget imbalance this created, and when they finally decided to address the problem, they put together their plan in a special session at the eleventh hour in December last year. This plan included some regressive elements like increased food and gas taxes, which Utahns do not support, but it passed anyway. Only a citizen tax referendum caught their attention enough for them to repeal their last-minute efforts.

We need to bring some balance to Utah’s tax structure, and we need representatives who listen to constituents long before referendum and initiative efforts are necessary to get their attention. I support a tax system that reduces negative effects on working families, and taxing food places an unwelcome and unfair tax burden on struggling families. I support balanced budgets that help all Utahns. I believe that as we work together, we can build a sound tax structure that shores up education, provides a rainy day fund to protect us during rough economic times, and supports economic growth for our future.

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