Moderates and Roe v. Wade

I believe in the sanctity of life. I think everyone can agree that reducing the number of abortions is a worthy goal. I also believe that enacting extreme laws punishing women who are already in a difficult situation is not the answer. Causing doctors to fear that performing best care practices for women may mean committing a felony is also not the answer.

Moderates understand that this issue is so much more than its extremes, and we honor the nuance required to solve it. Putting time, effort, and money into laws that attempt to pinpoint when exactly a woman should have legal access to an abortion misses the point and puts women's lives in danger. And as we’re learning the hard way with Utah’s trigger law, it ends up costing all of us because of the inevitable lawsuits.

Moderates know that the question we should be asking is “Why would a pregnant woman feel that an abortion is her best, and possibly only, option?” Let women share their real experiences and then do something truly radical: listen. The Army value of respect is crucial in our efforts to understand those reasons and get to work in solving those issues. When we start respecting each other enough to listen to understand instead of disparaging each other, we will hear the solutions to this issue. These solutions include better access to healthcare, childcare, and contraception. Fathers need to be held accountable. Adoptions should be more affordable.

Anti-abortion laws cannot solve these issues.

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